CombiLipid Peri Inj.


Total Parenteral Nutrition

Composition: Lipid (20%,255ml). Amino Acid(11.3%,300ml), Dextrose (11%,885ml)


    1. Fistulas (GI, Enterocutaneous, Tracheosophageal)
    2. Malignancies
    3. Intensive Care
    4. Renal disorders
    5. Hypermetabolic states (burns)
    6. Severe malabsorption & malnutrition (Intractable diarhoea, Irritable bowel syndrome)

Presentation: 1,440mls of Lipid, Amino Acids and Dextrose equivalent to 1,000KCal of Energy

Storage Conditions: Store between 2-8 degrees Celsius. Do not freeze. Protect from light.

Manufactured by JW LifeScience, South Korea

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