Bupivacaine. Heavy (Rotex)


Amide type local Anaesthetic. Widely used for Visceral procedures.

Composition: Each 4mls ampoule contains Bupivacaine. HCl 21.12mg (20mg Anhydrous) and Dextrose 72.73mg/ml.

Indication: Intrathecal (sub-arachnoid) spinal anesthesia for surgery (Urological and Lower limb lasting 2-3 hours, Abdominal surgery lasting 45-60 minutes).

Presentation: Anhydrous Bupivacaine HCl 20mg in clear transparent 4ml ampoule. 10 Ampoules per pack.

Storage: Store at or below 25 degrees Celsius. Do not freeze.

Manufactured by Rotex GmBH, Trittau- Germany

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